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Day 6 – That Scary First Step

So all week we’ve been talking about boundaries. Today is the day that we are supposed to consider setting boundaries. I have considered it and I’m not going to … just kidding. I am definitely going to. In the book, Barb talks about reasons that we don’t want boundaries. I’ll list the reason here but won’t go into detail about what she says on each one:

  1. We want to eat.
  2. We want to keep our options open.
  3. We don’t like rules.
  4. We’re afraid of failure.
  5. We want to wait until after that next big eating occasion.
  6. We think we can lose weight and keep it off without boundaries.

Number 4 is the one I’ve been struggling with. We are talking “lifelong boundaries” and I have failed so many times before, that I don’t want to get my hopes up and be disappointed in myself again. And I feel like I’m committing to God… and to fail – I just am struggling with that. Barb says, “If you’re afraid you won’t be able to follow your boundaries, let me ease your mind: Of course you won’t be able to follow them! At least not perfectly. You’ll break them – that’s almost a guarantee – but that’s okay. Because you’re not set free by following your boundaries perfectly. You’re set free by the renewing of your mind. Failure is an opportunity to renew your mind once again!”

Going through Taste for Truth by Barb Raveling

So, here are my lifelong boundaries… in detail.

  • Eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full
  • No refined sugar or artificial sugar (can use natural sweeteners and local honey)
  • Limit carbohydrates
  • Do not eat anything in my car

I’m asking God to reveal any other boundaries that I should add or if I should change these.  Otherwise… this is what they are.  

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